Apple M1 Support [SOLVED]

Anyone notice M1 shadow love on the latest update? It hasn’t come through for me yet so can’t check.

No love for rider shadows on the latest update on an M1 Pro. @Jon any chance you could provide info on whether they’ll be introduced soon? They look great on my partner’s M2!

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Been wanting and waiting for that shadow for so long, surely this is imminent…

I’m on iPad, but wondering if anyone’s tried running the Windows version of Zwift in macOS Sonoma’s (beta) new ‘game porting toolkit’ emulation environment? I suppose it might still run into Zwift limitations around hardcoded ‘graphics profiles’, but maybe we’d see something closer to full performance and/or shadows?

Fun fact: I just tried running Zwift on a Windows 11 Virtual Machine running on my M1 Mac, and the results were surprisingly usable (albeit some frame rate slowdowns) and included rider shadows. It’s a funny commentary on this whole situation that my Mac is powerful enough to run an entire operating system, and then Zwift on top of that, with rider shadows, yet we still don’t have rider shadows.


I asked about shadows in the 1.42 release, and Shuji initially said that shadows on M1+ devices would come with the Apple silicon build, but he has since edited it to say that it is being “considered” without a firm timeline. Feels like a substantial step back from what we heard from @Jon.

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@Teddy_Svoronos , try forget about the shadow and one day when it does happen, you will be pleasantly surprised :grinning:

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I have shadows on 1.42 running at 4K on my Mac Mini M2 Pro and it doesn’t really seem to be working at all.
I think a M1 should be capable of doing it too, just working slightly harder :thinking:



Or maybe we can take baby steps and be given a rider shadow inside the climb portal where surely us M1 plebs can handle a shadow :slight_smile:

@Jon any chance this is a possibility?

By the way, really enjoying the climb portal.

Hi @shooj @Jon

Any chance someone can ask the relevant people if there is an update to rider shadows on mac M1 machines?



I’m running Zwift on a Mac Mini M2 Pro and it was using the medium profile ( which I heavily modified - still running cool and with a lot of system resources to spare, and amazing visuals ) and I had riders shadows.

After the 1.45 update, it’s now given the high profile from Zwift. I’ve modified the high profile with the same settings as I had in the medium profile - but rider shadows are now gone.

I’m not sure how big the difference in resources are between the M1, M2 and M2 Pro but it would definitely be nice if we could have the option to enable shadows based on how our systems performs.



I saw this response from someone at Zwift:

As to when we will see that update, who knows :slight_smile:

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New reply (to me at least):

@Chris_Corby you were too nice in your reply on that thread - we’ve been asking for this since Summer 2021!


Until the official release, you can actually run the Apple Silicon binary. On my 16" M1 Pro there are shadows! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Definitely got shadows :wink:

Huge thanks @Teddy_Svoronos for making my life ( almost :grin: ) perfect :pray:


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Thanks to @Chris_Dolby for finding the binary and more importantly @Jon and team for all the work to make this happen!


My experiences today…

Did a 4 hour ride and even with the surroundings slightly colder today, I’m quite sure the M2 runs even cooler with the native binary and the CPU is hardly at work.

It could be my mind, but i seems that the graphics looks even better ( my config file is cranked pretty high up )

I had a crash on saving my activity :flushed: I’m pretty sure it was related to me trying to paste the ride title and overflowed something - or accidentally closed the terminal window that had launched the binary :roll_eyes::grin:

I later renamed the to and it then launches using the normal launcher :white_check_mark: ( and the test-ride worked flawless )

BòóX ( now with shadows :grinning: )


Hey all -

Now that this feature is rolled out to 100% of M1+ Macs, I’m going to close thread thread.

Please join us on this other thread for further discussion.

Reminder: staring your Zwift session by bypassing the launcher app as advised in this thread sets you up to miss receiving game updates automatically. Unless you want to manually download the game updates every single time one’s available - kick off your Zwift session with the latest launcher app.