Appl MacBook 2015

(David Walters) #1

Has anyone used the new MacBook laptop on Zwift, I’m considering buying the 1.2GHz version but it’s unclear if it will work with Zwift.

(Alfred Cruz) #2

My MacBook Pro is 1 year old and it’s working fine. I have the 15 inch and I hook it up on my TV with no issues. 

(David Gibbs (Red Rider)) #3

It works fine with my 1 year old MacBook Air. 

(Vincent Meijer) #4

I have a Macbook with a 1,3Ghz processor and it works perfectly at 1080p resolution.

(Daniel Greenhalgh) #5

Are you using the usb-c dongle to connect USB ANT+?


(Vincent Meijer) #6

Yes I do and it works fine.

(Brian Ton) #7

Old topic, but I noticed my early 2016 12" retina MacBook with 1.3ghz, and 8gb of ram doesn’t have the option of running Zwift at 1440p or ultra graphics mode. So, if you guys want to utilize your retina screens, you’ll have to consider a MacBook Pro or a computer with better graphics card. 1080p works great though with my MacBook.