Macbook Air vs Zwift?

I am about to buy a new Apple MacBook Air 13,3" with below specc.

Will this work fine with Zwift?

CPU: Intel Core i5 5:e gen. 1.8 GHz

RAM: 8 gb

HD: 128 gb SSD

Graphic: Intel HD Graphics 6000

Btw, and I will only use connection with my Elite Direto trainer by bluetooth that are available on the Macbook Air.

More than enough, I use it with a 2010 Air and it is fine with ANT+ stick  (no BLTE in <2011 macs)

I was running a comparable setup, although probably a little slower (i7, similar graphics etc). It was okay, but I found my iPhone with a lightning to HDMI cable was better, and then last weekend I got a Zwift AppleTV invite, which is better yet.