Anyone using a surface Book 2

(Haykel Barhoumi) #1

Hi Guys,

Anyone out there using a Surface Book 2 running the GTX 1050 (13inch) or 1060 (15inch) graphics cards, curious to know what the graphics performance is like at 1080P or higher.

Also, have the dGPU issues reported on the forum been resolved?


(Craig Schaepe S9R) #2

I will let you know tomorrow.  I originally reported the problem 2 years ago and brought the SB1 back because of it.  I against better judgement decided it was time to try again with the SB2.


(Craig Schaepe S9R) #3

Ran Zwift tonight and it ran very nicely on the Surface Book 2 15" with the 1060.  I was getting 50 to 60 FPS with it cranked up.  So I am very pleased. 

(Haykel Barhoumi) #4

thanks for the followup Craig, I went with the 13inch it won’t perform as well but might be able to manage the highest quality.



(Rogelio Siccion) #5

How many FPS on 1080p settings?

(Craig Schaepe S9R) #6

Well I am getting 45-49 FPS in 4k mode using dual monitors.  This is with the top end spec SB2 with the 1060 NVidia.  That is more than enough for me. 

(Rogelio Siccion) #7

At 1080p? Thats enough for me too. Thanks.