4 frames per second on brand new i5 SurfaceBook

(jeffrey paul) #1

I have a brand new i5 SurfaceBook with a dedicated graphics chip and 8 GB memory. However, I am only getting 4 frames per second. The game automatically selected medium as the resolution.

Something seems very wrong.

(Jaime Salas) #2

Hmmm thats odd, I am using a SP3 with an i7 processor and 8 gigs of ram and it runs flawlessly on high video resolution. I would check to see if you are running the latest video drivers for you SB. I think you should be fine running it on medium or even low.

(jeffrey paul) #3

More data - if I start Zwift detached from the base (which has the dedicated GPU), so that the integrated GPU is used, framerate is much much higher and is set to medium as well. However, if I start again attached to the base, using the dedicated GPU, framerate drops down to 3 FPS, even on low settings.

Looks like a problem using the dedicated GPU and Zwift.