Anyone else zwifting at work?

I recently got a Deskcyle to keep me spinning when in the office and almost immediately came to the conclusion that it might work to use my PowerCal strap, which I use on business trips, to get some sort of a workout.

It‘s far from perfect since the PowerCal has quite some fluctuations in power reading — especially at lower heartrates — but still better than these moments of working monotony :wink:

Is anyone else zwifting at work and can recommend a better setup or share some experience ?

Cheers, Matz

I Zwift at work. :wink:


I wish I could Zwift at work :frowning:

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Well Matt,it’s funny you should raise this I’ve often wondered if anyone else is Zwifting whilst working, I’m a long distance lorry driver and work away from home 4 nights from 5, I’ve bought a Brompton and modified a Tacx turbo trainer,connects using mobile internet and blue tooth and there I am up and down the country, zwifting… getting the wierdest looks :eyes: