Anyone else given London and Surprise Me and not Mountain

I prefer the Mountain workout /route but it seems that it is only available to me every once in a while rather than each time I login. I understand that the London course/workout is new (nice by the way) but I would like to choose from the entire list rather than given the smaller choices of London/Surprise Me/etc. 

I also understand if you’d like me to try this new workout but want to point out that I would like to make the choice of course/workout myself.

Loving the Zwift workouts by the way, and thanks!


There’s a schedule displayed on one of the early pages of which course is running on which days. It’s not random.

I think the fact that there is a schedule displayed is irrelevant, if you have a training session planned for a specific day then you are training that day not whichever day the course you want is being used, the point of the thread is that we want to be able to choose the course we ride without having to go into the pref’s folder, i understand the point of penning us all up on specific courses is to keep the course busy but frankly choice is king, why force us to use “hacks” to ride the course we want when you can add the option and give us the choice.

I also have to agree with the above, when you want the mountain, none of the other course will do!

Hi John,

We don’t have a way of choosing which course yet. This is why we have a schedule. The ability to choose is planned and is being worked on but it’s not ready at this time.