Anti-sandbagging race vs not

What are the specific differences/procedures between ZHQ futureworks city crit anti-sandbagging race and City Crit race in terms of sandbagging prevention/catching?

I think it’s mainly

  1. The game will warn you before you enter if your FTP is around or over the category you have entered

  2. In race, if your 5 minute power goes over category you will get a green cone appear over your avatar and your power will be throttled back for the rest of the race

I think that’s right but I may be off on the exact detail



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Thanks Simon. I integrated your response in the race video I just made of my anti-sandbagging crit. Just go to my Youtube channel “The Cycling Greek” and look for the race video that includes anti-sandbagging in the title. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks, nice video

Cycling Greek, Great videos.
I’m 57 and really find your experience useful.
Keep it up.