ANT+ on Android?

Looking through all the posts, it seems as if the last one was commented on in December of 2018, but just figured I would check in to see if there was any update. It doesn’t seem as if it works, but any update on ANT+ on the Android app? I have an ANT+ Dongle plugged into my phone working with other things, but couldn’t get it to connect to my Stryd pod…


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The Stryd foot pod is duel band so it will connect using Bluetooth.

Correct, it will connect to Bluetooth, but not if it is previously connected to my Suunto watch, which is what I’m using for my heart rate (built into the watch, not a check strap monitor).

As long as it’s not connect to your watch via Bluetooth it will connect to your phone.

Correct. It can’t connect to both at once via Bluetooth. But, since I want power, pace and heart rate all on the single file, I need the pod connected to the watch, which is why I was hoping I could connect it to the Android app and use Zwift via ANT+.