Another Rider in My Activities List on Zwift Mobile Link

After I finished my ride today, I noticed that I have another rider in my list of activities–but only on Zwift Mobile LInk. His rides are not in the activities list on I don’t know this other rider and have certainly not followed him. Now I have dozens of his rides in my list going months back.

Any ideas how this could happen?

How can I get his rides out of my list?


it sounds like you may have inadvertently followed someone.   The main Activities feed in the ZML app will show a list of your activities and also the activities of those you follow. If you click/tap your name at the top of the ZML app, this will bring up your profile.  The orange Activities link from there will show only your activities.  Also on that profile page, you can see the lists of people following you and people you follow.  Based on what you described above, you might see a non-zero number for the ‘following’ list.  You can unfollow that person from there, too.

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