Annoying sounds issues on iOS companion app

I have had this issue for a while now. But currently I am using the latest version of the app/iOS. I am using an ipad for the game, and an iphone 13 for the companion app.

The game has all the sounds turned off in settings. If I also use the companion app on my phone, and play music on my phone via spotify/bluetoothe speaker, game sounds like ride ons play through my phone speaker !! … and I can’t turn them down/off because I need to listen to music on the phone. Not sure even the music has anything to do with it because the game sounds are not coming out of the bluetooth speaker, but the iphone speakers.

The companion app doesnt seem to have any sound settings… Anyone else have this issue? I am thinking about riding early in the morning, but if the game would be blasting ride ons out of my phone, it would be very noisy.

Is this a bug?? Its very annoying to hear game sounds when I have them all switched off and cant seem to mute them at all…

hey wait!! I found the answer to my own question. In the companion app, under settings>notifications if you scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to the bottom, there is a swtich for “IN GAME” sound effects… “when ON, device will play some game sound effects.”…


Glad I found it, but not sure what its doing under notifications and its kind of hidden unless you scroll!

Turned that sucker off now.

the end.


THANK YOU @Shannon_Spinner! :star_struck:

This issue has been thorn in my side - I’d disabled Companion App notifications but the app didn’t seem to respect the OS-level notification settings. (I’m on Android, so it’s a cross-platform issue)