Android Pie Issues

Verizon pushed the latest Android update to my Note 8. Everything worked fine prior to that Companion App to PC/Zwift App and Zwift Android beta. After the update no connection to Kurt Kinectic trainer through either Companion App or Zwift Android beta.

Kurt Kinetic app recognizes and connects to trainer OK. Will check with trainer road tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure its a Zwift Companion issue at this point.

Android Version: 9.0

If your trainer is a Kinetic Road Machine, you’ll have trouble getting it to be recognized by Zwift for Android. This is a known issue that we’re working on fixing.

If it’s a Kurt Kinetic inRide, or a Kurt Kinetic Smart, then it should work on Zwift for Android. I’d like to invite you to submit a support ticket so we can look into the issue.


Thanks Lauren. Yes, I submitted a ticket on that at the time. It ended up working again, but now required that both bluetooth and the GPS be operating on the phone.

It stopped working again in May immediately after zwift pushed an update.

Your message reminds me that I need to cancel my subscription since zwift no longer seems to work with Kurt Kinetic Road Machines and Android.