Android crashing after latest updates

I updated Android to the latest and have re-installed ZWIFT several times. All latest versions, this was to try and fix the issues of my trainer slider always being 100% - a problem that has arisen again this month.
Now when I try to do anything past the selection for the sensos it crashes, just dies, no messages app just kills itself… even if I launch ZWIFT and click “Just Watch” it load Watpopia, then if I select MENU and settings… BOOM! it crashes.

Should have listed my device:
SAMSUNG S20 Ultra 5G
Android 13
ZWIFT 1.31.0(105760)

Oh and I just loaded it on an iPhone 8 and although it allowed me to go a lot further that crashed too… BUT ALSO CAUSED the phone to REBOOT …whats going on ZWIFT???