Android: App Icon disappeared

(Chris) #1

I’m facing the same problem as Steve 2 two years ago. Two updates ago, the Zwift Companion app icon disappeared from my app screen/overview. The only possibility to launch the app is through the app page in the PlayStore. I tried to restore it with purging data and reinstalling the app, but the icon is still missing. :thinking:
Any idea how to get it back?

I’m using a OnePlus 5 with Android 9 / OxygenOS 9.0.3

(Steven) #2

Hi Chris,

Is it possible that the Zwift Companion app icon was inadvertently moved into an adjoining folder on your Android device?

I know on some Androids if one holds down the app icon for a certain duration of time, it unlocks the app, allowing one to swipe over and move the icon to an adjacent app, which will effectively create a folder containing both of the apps. This is an easy thing to accidentally happen if at any point the Android device froze or was unresponsive for a few seconds while trying to access your apps.

(Chris) #3

Hey Steven!
Ah, damn… It was renamed to just “Companion” :man_facepalming:
I have too many apps installed. This thread never existed :grimacing:
Thank you!