Android 13 app crashes when settings menu is selected [NOVEMBER 2022]

Since the latest Samsung/Android update last week the zwift app crashes when you selecte the settings menu… app just closes immediately… :cry: Samsung S20, reinstalling Zwift app doesn’t fix it…

Have you tried clearing the cache for the app?

Yes, ploblem remains :man_shrugging:

Got the same problem, Using the Zwift app on my andriod phone. When I select the settings menu, the app is crashing, throws me out. Beside that, also that when I am riding Road to Sky, L alpe d Zwift is incorrect. The wattages are dropdown, incorrect. Tested with the FulGaz app, my Tacx Neo works perfect with it, so it is the Zwift app.

Hey folks!
Thanks for flagging this up! Our team has narrowed down the issue, and it looks like the latest release and new UI are causing crashing on some Android 13 devices. We’ve currently rolled back the UI to the ol’ legacy home screen, as to not impact riding ability while we get this sorted.
Keep an eye out for the upcoming 1.32 release, as we should see this corrected with the updated UI restored.

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Yes clearing cache and data makes no difference. This is resolved by Zwift rolling back the UI or now

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My Zwift crashes everytime I select the Menu Button using Zwift for pc… I wanted to click in Menu button to turn off my Tacx Neo 2T road feel… happened to me yesterday and today again…! Help please :slight_smile: