Andre Greipel ALS Ride

Can’t seem to find any discussion on this so started a thread. Apologies if there is one somewhere else.

Just wanted to say that I thought this was a really great ride and appreciated Zwift organizing. My uncle has recently been diagnosed with ALS and as family we are still reeling from this news. The ride today, and the camaraderie displayed by all who participated was fantastic and a welcome relief.

I received 113 ride ons during the event and have donated $565 to ALS Association as promised.

Thanks again Zwift for being a great place, great community and organizing events like this.

Over 10,000 riders. It was amazing.

Where did you get that number? On my screen it never said more than about 6,800 riders - but I can accept that’s not necessarily right.

Either way, towards the end of the ride my game said about 6,700 in the game and around 14,500 online. And that means that around 45% of all Zwifters who were Zwifting at that moment were on the Greipel ALS ride.

Pretty amazing!

It was but the frame rate on my tablet was one frame every 2 seconds and after 20 min at 150 watts I had gone 4k I stuck it out for an hour and 5 min and the checkered flag showed on the countdown clock but only 25 min on the elapsed time! Then I couldn’t get to the end ride screen and everything froze. I just hope my ride was counted for the charity

on the comp app it says 10,000. maybe it’s inaccurate?
I’m just happy it was a huge success and I got over 100 ride ons! So happy.

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Maybe that’s signups rather than the number who actually rode. Some people won’t have made it, and some people had problems. Of course, 6,800 or so is almost certainly the biggest Zwift group ride ever!

Thanks for organizing this ride. My wife succumbed to ALS this past August after battling this disease for 4 years. Does anyone know whether or not there was an ALS jersey associated with this ride that I could unlock and wear going forward?

Yes, if you did the ride you should have unlocked a white jersey I have mine from a previous event last year.

I had a similar experience about 1/2 FPS. In my case the ride completed at the hour mark. My companion app kept freezing as well. The menu button would not come up but I did get an end ride screen eventually with the event completion notice. Game then froze on exit but it did upload the activity to Strava. There it showed a 20 minute 9 mile ride!!

Saw a few comments with others having difficulty during the ride as well.

I stayed with the lead pack for the majority of the ride, but I wasn’t able to see anything other that empty bikes for the first 15 minutes. Computer had a hard time keep up with all of the data. Toward the end of the ride everything appeared as normal. There were about 7000 when I started the ride, it never updated after the start.

I contacted the help desk and got credited with the ride so the charity will get my Dollar and I will get the Jersey wont get the miles I lost or the drops but that’s not the end of the world.