ALS ride with Andre Greipel and friends

Hello. I registered for the 1300 (UK time) ride with Andre today in aid of ALS research. I was in the Zwift warm up pen with hundreds of other riders when all of a sudden everyone but me vanished. This was about 2 mins before the start. I did the whole workout without seeing any other riders at all. I got the messages about raising money for ALS and the workout itself worked fine. Shame, as it would have been fun to raise some cash for s great cause AND go in a large group ride. Any explanation as to why this happened? As far as I can tell, in all other respects Zwift is working fine.

Happened to me recently, but not this morning on the 1400 (UK) Greipel ride. Someone pointed out that many avatars can overwhelm your CPU (or maybe GPU). He thought he had solved his problem by overclokcing his CPU. I have not seen it again. But sinceit seems only to happen when there are a lot of riders, seems plausible.

Happened to me as well, and not only during Greipel ride. Even on a much smaller (compared to 1000+ als ride) group rides (+/- 100 ppl). And I’m very positive it is not CPU/GPU related. I’m pretty sure my rig can handle multiple instances of zwift

Really the whole ALS event was very poor experience. Dropped out of 1st ride, then tried to to join the 2nd one - multiple freezes. Then decided to go for a regular ride, and was pretty much “alone” for better part of the hour, after which it somehow came back to normal.