An avatar for my daughter?

Hi there Zwift team, thanks for a great product!

My 4yo daughter has been riding with me on a mini trainer setup next to mine. It’s great fun, but she keeps asking me where she is on the screen. Would it be possible to put some kind of ‘side car’ avatar option into the garage that puts a child riding a bike next to a rider? It would be great fun for our Daddy daughter rides! I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t be alone either. I’m a member of the DIRT (dads indoors riding trainers) and know that there are others with similar setups who might appreciate such a feature. Thanks for considering.

Ride on!


That’s an excellent idea!!!
Mi son is eager to do that
Hope Zwift becomes more “family friendly”

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Love this. Or even mini avatars based on height. Some kids may not be riding with parents.