Amiibo bikes (gamification)

Nintendo has some Amiibo figures, these are real figures which you can actually buy When you place them on your device you unlock a certain character or skin to game with.

What if zwift sell such bikes and wheels with a RFID tag in it. You could put them on a platform with a built in reader which connect to your pc.
Then you can make your preffered setups and you can quickly swap them out during a race. (and of course they look cool in your pain-cave)


You could suggest that zwift sells only the tron and zwift bikes. And when a manufacturer want a in game bike, they have to sell the small Amiibo as well. And wheel manufacturers the wheels. All companies have already the selling infrastructure. The manufactures could even sell colletables with special skins (like the worldchamion bike of Annemiek van Vleuten) or the ZA-academy bike with skin.

Offcourse all as an add-on. The game stays playable without, but if you’re harcdcore Zwifter you could use this. Just like some people do with smartbikes, steering or special sauce etc.