Am I a Bad racer?

I’ve spent all Winter doing FTP workouts while completing the climbing challenge and now I have done one of the races. It was great and hard and just like in real life, I got dropped 3/4 to the end and finished solo.

My FTP improved this Winter so now I am cat B but I use a classic trainer. (Not really Z power but they use the term for all non smart/power meter setups .).


I’m fine with my results being filtered and not listed with the other results but here is my question:

If I try to catch a break away and other riders are drafting off me, do I put them in a position to be DQ’d for drafting off me?

The rules state that drafting a rider who is destined for disqualification will result in DQ.

If my result was “filtered” does this mean I was disqualified?

I was having a ton of fun but I don’t want adversely affect others.



You don’t mention your WPK. Do you fit in the zone for B? 

B is real hard. Try C.

If you over perform your class, you do get upgraded.  

And I believe ZP ish results are excluded from the final results. 



My FTP is 3.8 WPK.  I fit in well in group B. I don’t get dropped by the leaders until the last 20% of an 18-24 mile race. My results are “filtered” on Zwift power. Is being filtered the same as being DQ? If I pull for the group, are the other riders at risk of DQ for drafting behind a rider who is “filtered”?

Then you are more than strong enough. And yes you are being filtered because of the z power. Not DQ’d but techinically DQ’d. Its in the game rules. I am not sure if every race is the same, but most are when its points related. 

No the ‘filter’ only occurs to you and other z power riders. Drafting behind you is fine.  (And always controversial). Perhaps you need to sit in more? It’ll will lower your wpk and give you a little more at the end.


Good luck, the racing is great fun.

I think you may have your answer, but this might also be helpful. It was for me: