Another zpower question

I’ve noticed that when I’ve done a race , when I check on Zwift power, I’m not showing up in the filtered category but I am in the unfiltered category. As far as I can tell I’m completely legal, I wear a heart rate monitor and I’ve a kickr v5 and a kickr climb. I’m a very average category D rider. Am I doing something wrong?

Your race result from yesterday seems Ok …

The “filtered” category is those who have been removed from the results due to a filter. No HR monitor, using virtual power rather than a power meter or smart trainer etc.

As you are doing everything correctly you aren’t getting filtered out of the results, so you don’t show in the filtered category.

You’re not doing anything wrong, the system is working correctly, just some confusion about the descriptions and what they mean.


Ahhh. Thankyou. Im reading it as unfiltered and filtered as being the other way around