Alpe Faster in workout mode or free ride?

The group I ride with actually stops if someone needs to take a quick break.

That’s because workout mode seems to have you going slightly faster than usual. People want their distance with minimum effort.

You forgot the most common reason:

  • Col du Tempus!

Every lap the coffee breaks always come out on that climb.


I’ve never seen any data to suggest that, have you? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the opposite - using sim mode you’re more likely to do a better job drafting random riders as you ride around than you would in erg mode, so you probably go further in sim mode for the same watt average simply because you’re less likely to be eating as much wind over that time.

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You aren’t following normal gradients and you don’t have to shift gears. Shifting gears loses a bit of momentum.

Solution would be to have an option where you can ride incognito (sometimes I’d like to use that) or simply disable the coffee stop riders from being attached to your avatar.

I wonder if that feature came along, how many coffee stop proponents would also use it…

That might help, although you misquoted me :slight_smile: I said that I don’t think sometimes feeling mildly irritated is a reason to remove a feature. But I think the best solution suggested so far is to just remove that icon floating over people’s heads. Put it on the rider list instead. Or make it optionally invisible.

I would still notice riders maintaining speed on flat/uphill roads with sustained 0.0W/kg and legs not moving unless they’re in a huge pack.

That is incorrect. Workout mode is a steady power (like Z2) so you never apply the needed power on the slight grade change like you do when in free ride.

And if you do intervals you might have recovery blocks on the steepest sections.

Riding constantly 200w up the alpe will be slower than free ride with a average 200w.

But this topic has nothing to do with workouts.

There is many people that do impressive times up the alpe but no outdoor performance to match their indoor performance, I would think if someone can climb that fast they would have multiple strava kom’s

But we live in Zwift imaginary world where anything is possible. Only complete against your self.

You could remove the w/kg display from all riders in all events, races, to solve that issue.

Agree with the first bit not sure i agree with this though.
Maybe in some cases but not all.
It is very hard to maintain power around the corners on the alpe so i think you’d lose time there compared to workouts.

Because it is hard to maintain power to increase power and therefore go harder where it matters.

LOL how about entirely deleting the HUD from the game so a handful of people won’t be annoyed :grinning:


but to maintain the same average you’d have to have as many dips for as long to counteract that.

in your example you are saying 200w for the whole climb v average of 200w. If you’re pushing much above 200 watts for the climbs (which is pretty much all of it!) you’d have to drop to zero near enough for the other bits to average out at 200 watts

Best way to test this is take one of you best Alpe climbs check the average power and setup a bot to ride at that set power.

I just state what I observe when climbing, I need to go harder on the steep sections and recover a bit on the flat sections.

Ha! It does seem like some people won’t be happy until they are able to customize every single pixel and experience in this place.

Just use workout mode with a set 250w (or whatever power you need) for 60 minutes (or whatever block covers the entire length of ADZ but gives you the spinner) then you don’t have any gradients.

Believe me, I see enough of these folks doing that on their way to amazing 40 minute times up there each day with this method. You can debate all you want but that’s how it is.

Anyhow, when I am riding ADZ with the gradients and gearing I set a Garmin going with the lap timer and use the displays on that to monitor my average power. I sit on about 250w average for the whole lap most times.

The trick is to blast out of the flat corners at your target power then be restrained on the rest of each segment and just hold your expected average power. If you are not fast out of the corners you throw away time.

At ADZ #138 so a bit of experience there.

I figured given people are worried about others seeing them using coffee break so want to hide it for everyone, so why not hide watt/kg too and help out the weight doping crowd and also make racing more realistic. :wink:

And that is why workout mode is slower.

Work out mode gives you more XP but if you want to avoid the gradient, can’t you just set TD to 0?
That way you can still use your Coffee Break as you race up the Alpe on a group ride.

How many faux pas is that!:blush:

Please quote the full sentence to give the correct context.

In context. What you are saying is: by varying your power you can go faster up the alpe vs going at a steady pace.

You still missed the point.

You are not raising power, you are simply trying to ride at fixed power everywhere, tricky as it is using gears and having gradients.

Which is what the workout mode folk do with their ADZ time and length single interval block set to whatever power they want to maintain.

I fondly remember emailing Nintendo in 1981 asking if they could change the gorilla in Donkey Kong to a giraffe, and if they could add a switch to turn off the jumping noise, and remove the mallet that you could use to smash barrels because it bothered me when other people used it–the proper way to get to the top is by jumping the barrels. And fix those broken ladders already, sheesh!

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