Allow Saves Without Exit

You can always change the world and route with a meet-up, no need to exit.
Yes, it is a workaround, but I can live with it.
It also makes it possible to ride in all worlds, not only Watopia and the scheduled two.

You never accidentally bypass the world and route selection screen when Zwift decides you actually clicked the Ride button there when you thought you just clicked OK on the pairing screen? Yhis would probably be at least my primary use case for this functionality (minus the “save” part), not having to wait for a minute or two to close and restart the application.

(And yes, of course simply moving one of the buttons so they don’t align would also solve this particular case…)


I never ride Paris ever, I would do if i could do a few laps then easily switch. same for the other smaller worlds, Innsbruck if I don’t fancy the big climb and Richmond get boring fast.

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Hi Chris,
I think I’m right in saying that if you start in Watopia and then join an event in Paris you could ride for a lap or so and then quit the event and you should be given the option to return to Watopia. . . . . . at least I think so.

You definitely get that option once the event is finished.
Allow saves would be better though for sure.

You probably know this already though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well I would never expect a ‘wayfinder’ to go against the wishes of zwift :wink: but it is always amusing when people defend something that is clearly substandard for software development. The whole ‘saving without exit’ thing is actually part of a much bigger problem - the worse framework in existence. I base my statement on the fact that it should be VERY easy to return to a menu where you can select routes, worlds, options, etc. if the software was architectured properly from the ground up. If you have bad architecture then making such a simple change will cause everything to come crashing down. As somebody said - A UI is like a joke, if you have to explain (or defend it) it it’s not that good.


I’ve been off zwift for a couple years now. Jumped back in recently and started up in NY accidently but wanted to do watopia and this is still a thing. Such a simple QoL thing to do but maybe 4 years isn’t a bad shout ha


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I stumbled upon this and just started laughing since zwift just release a new update in which they spent some story points on… new hair styles. Talk about useless functionality​:roll_eyes:

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Yes please, do this soon!

Yeah, please provide this possibilty…!!

Awww, I missed it!


I’ve been waiting for the day this had 1234 votes so I could mark the occasion. :smiley: Bah!


Yes please change this

Let’s stick around and celebrate 12345 votes.


I just joined Zwift 4 days ago. I was a bit flabbergasted when I tried to save a ride to preserve “ride” stats and do a little route exploration for a cool down. I kept looking around for a “Save” button that didn’t have the “Exit” tied to it. I was certain that I was missing something. I did an internet search on “Zwift save without exiting” and got this. WOW! This seems pretty basic as a UI feature. Add my vote to the list. I’m surprised when I log it and see thousands of other rider each evening. How are there not 10,000s of votes for this. There is an old marketing maxim that only 1 out of 100 customers will actually complain about a problem. The rest either quit using it if the problem is big enough or just suffer in silence. The true number of people wanting this change is probably >12,364.


@Tom_ND 100% correct. The way that good companies distinguis themselves is not how they treat the 9 happy chappies but in how they treat the 1 unhappy customer. Zwift default response is always a) it you not us and b) it’s only you having the issue so it’s not important.


nailed it right here

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Hi There! I am also relatively new to Zwift and this seems a basic and inconvenient way to have to save ride exit and reboot so count my vote for a ‘Save and Continue’ button also. This surely cant be to difficult! Love Zwifting so hope this gets fixed soon.

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Yes, please.

Or make it so you can login in less than ten minutes. Logging in takes forever.

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Takes about 30secs for me. Half that on repeated loads.


please please implement this! also when discarding. why does it always exit???

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we start counting in years now not days or months since the first request.
it is very very annoying.
my hobby is not waiting for zwift to load.