Allow Holo-Replay in clubs/meetups

With the arrival of holo-replay it’s possible to do a different kind of interval training, with the “ghost” as the target in stead of the boring set wattage intervals in workout mode. Makes interval training more interesting, also because you can see your progress really easy. And arguably even makes the training more effective, because it mixes racecraft and pacing in stead of the dumb ERG mode in workouts. But… Holo-replays currently only exist in free/solo rides and that is not social at all. Would love to do these rides together with my mates/club, chasing our ghosts during intervals and blobbing together in between!

That would be cool. Something like you want could also be achieved by being able to ‘tag’ riders while free-riding. If you could for example click on a rider from the ‘nearby’ list and mark them, so a little (visible only to you) flag appears next to their name, or above their avatar on the road. Then your group could free ride (using the Ride With) function, all flag each other so you don’t lose each other on the road, and you’d get the benefits of Holos and such.

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