AIs and descents

I’m still seeing weird issues with AIs being extremely difficult to catch up to on descents, even when they stop pedaling and even if I’m putting out 300W-400W on the descent at the time. Would it be possible, just for the beta, to show the virtual watts being attributed to the AI rider next to the AI rider on screen, so that we can see what’s really going on? With real riders we can see their watts/kg so we can tell if they are giving it or not. With the AIs all I can judge by right now is whether they are pedaling or not. :slight_smile:

Another indication that something is broken with the physics for the descents, is that if you look at the speed limit 50 leaderboard on Strava you see wattage varying by multiple hundreds of watts between riders with identical times ( Since this is a virtual world it should be impossible that the rider putting in 681W on the descent has exactly the same time on the downhill segment as the next rider putting in 222W. Even if the 222W rider is drafting the 681W guy that’s too much of a difference to explain.

Bump for showing virtual power for each AI (on their back or something).

what’s an AI?