age catagory

is there age category ratings as in racing?

Would be useful to have such a thing as this is already incorporated in Strava Premium and I must admit I find this option very useful

Yes, please incorporate an age filter (gender as well), age-sortable leaderboards, and age categories for KOMs. It would also be great if you would create a setting that would permit one to display their age category in some way if they choose (e.g., by color, age category, actual age, etc.).

You could even score events by age, or even have events for different age brackets. Races and results based on watts / kg are good, but if you’re not at the top end of the range you’re usually just pack fodder, and you may be competing against riders several decades younger. It would be nice to race against, or at least score against riders in my own 5-year age bracket every now and then. If you’re worried about age honesty then have riders supply their USA Cycling membership number. That would be one way you could validate age–and encourage older riders to join:-).