Adding Mount Dessert Island Maine to the zwift worlds

 Mount Dessert Island Maine is the home of Acadia National Park. It has some of the most beautiful scenery and best road and off road riding on the east coast. every year they have a bicycle tour that encompasses the entire island and ends on Cadillac mountain which is a 3mile 6-9% average grade climb for about 1000ft and there are various other amazing roads and mountains to climb and descend. I really think although a lesser known area to most it would be a superb addition to the worlds already currently offered and way better than Richmond which although fun, was in  my opinion a not so great choice. Please consider vetting and adding this to Zwift as I am certain the current users would much appreciate this spectacular place.

I would prefer less worlds, not more.  If Richmond is the world of the day, chance are I am not riding.  Watopia for life.