Add the ability to reply to comments on your activities and enable reply notifications

I want to chat with my Zwift friends about their activities, whether it is to simply congratulate them on a strong ride or ask a question about their workout. Without a reply function, there really is no possibility of a productive dialog - and thus, barely anyone uses the comment feature.

With very few native ways to network with other Zwift riders outside of actual rides, this seems like an easy way to improve the social/community building side of the app.

I saw this feature request mentioned a couple of times in years past, but I thought I’d bring it back to the top of the pile to see if there was any current interest.

I agree a reply option which put your reply on their latest activity would be better than we have at the moment. (rather than the current comment on your own activity in reply to their comment option)

Although I am relatively happy with the current set up, I have voted on your feature request.

Before leaving I just wanted to check that you know - If you leave a reply comment on your own activity they do not get a notification. If, however, you leave your reply on one of their activities they do get a notification.

I assume you have your notifications set to on for ‘Activity Comments’.

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Thanks for the reply, Ian.

To clarify: Yes, I do get notifications for activity comments on my own activities. However, if I leave a comment on a friend’s activity and they reply to it, I will not get a notification. I have to remember to go back and check for it. And, as you noted, the same is true for comment replies on my own activities - the person I am replying to does not get a notification. It’s just a one-way street of communication unless you manually go back and check.

Yes, always make your replies on their activity that way, I’m sure, both sides keep getting notified.

I’m not sure I know what you mean.

If I leave a comment on someone’s activity and they reply to it, I do not get a notification.

If they reply to it by posting it on their own activity you don’t get a notification. They have to post their reply on your activity.