Communication Between Zwifters

Currently Zwift provides two methods of communication between Zwifters. The first is in game messaging, which is good for sending quick notes while riding. The second is to leave Comments on activities. The in game messages are fine (although placement could be improved and overlapping messages fixed). Activity comments are nice for just… leaving a comment, but are sub-optimal for any communication beyond that, mostly because no notification is given if a response is made.

Given Zwift’s social emphasis it seems like a better way for members to communicate within Zwift would be fitting. Could Activity Comments be improved and expanded, or a separate messaging system be added?

RGT had a proximity based voice channel. If you were within some distance (50 meters?) of another rider, you could chat on the voice channel. It was cool the first time I used it – you could encourage riders in your group to take pulls, etc.

the problem was most riders prefer listening to music, podcasts, etc while riding, so didn’t tune into the voice channel. And if a critical number of riders weren’t on the channel, then it became useless. It was a good feature but in practice it got little use.