Comment Notificationss

     This should be a real simple request..
  • When I comment on a persons ride and they respond to my comment, I should be notified that they or someone else commented as well.
    Doug… Congratulations Bob. Great race today :muscle::muscle:. You were on fire.
    Bob… Thanks Doug, I was with a really fast group. I got lucky on the final Sprint.

    I don’t see Bobs response, unless I remember that I commented on his race. So at a later time, I have to go find Bobs race and see if he commented.
    What most of us do is…
    When you see that someone commented on your ride, you have to go find one of their rides and respond to their comment on there.
    That doesn’t even make sense. Just give us the ability to…
    Please and Thank You.

I was initially confused but I’m with you on this one. I’ve often commented on others rides but unless you go back and check you don’t get notified if they’ve replied.

Bit like Strava does when it notifies you about any follow up to your comment regardless of whether it’s your activity or not.

+1 for me.

Probably not just a simple request however.

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Yes exactly. I should have said that. The same as Strava. Good call

I’m largely with you on this one. It’s annoying when you can’t see someone has replied.

My one concern is when lots of people reply to the same person - you don’t want to see my Facebook notifications!


I suppose that would suck. Most of us aren’t near as popular as you. Just a small group of Zwifters that like to ride/race together.
Friendly banter between friends. (kinda)
Maybe have the ability to turn on or off notifications for comments

It would be helpful if a comment could be classified as a reply to another comment, so you don’t need to get notified about all activity on the comment stream, just the reply. Or if there were a reply button that tagged the author of the comment you’re replying to, that could make it possible to notify a tagged user.


Haha, I got next to zero comments on my ZCA activities, but I know some people get a lot!

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There could be an option to mute a specific activity on an ad hoc basis; and of course notifications overall would be a user option.

[*] off
[ ] mentions
[ ] all

That sort of thing.