Add more useful info on the Alp

When i am riding up the Alp, i am missing a lot of useful information that could improve my performance considerably.

It resembles the ‘virtual partner’ idea. If you stay ahead of your virtual partner you ride a new PR, IF you manage to do that.
How cool would it be if your virtual partner takes the shape of the blue holographic rider, known from the early days of Zwift, with a few vaguely recognizable characteristics of the kit you are wearing… That would be hyper-cool !

Here is what’s missing in the current situation;

  • How much time did i gain / loose per bend ?
  • How much time did i gain / loose so far, total ?
    (With respect to my current PR’s)

The 30 day PR-period should be optional. There a 5 worlds now with lots and lots of segments. There are way too many PR’s to keep track of. Many segments don’t even display a PR because of a lack of info over the last 30 days.

See the added pics to see what i mean.

RideOn !