Add more pace partners in category D

DD is great, I was amazed at how many people clumped around DD and enjoyed the group ride.

Category D is a very broad category 1-2.5 w/kg so it would be great to have:
DD1 1.5 w/kg
DD2 1.8 w/kg
DD3 2.1 w/kg
DD4 2.4 w/kg

This way you can gradually move to the next higher pace partner and build up your strength and fitness whilst sticking with a bunch in Watopia.

This is a great step forward, and I do hope that the consistency of the pace partner won’t be changed, it gives heavier people a realistic ride partner.

The pace partners are great! In the D category there is a need for three pace partners DD1 @ 1.5 w/kg, DD2 @ 1.8 w/kg and DD3 @ 2.1 w/kg

I stuck with DD for three laps and had a great ride, it is so good to not have a ride leader that just keeps speeding up - EVO are you reading this? And yes I’m over 120 kg so going up hill is a problem when ride leaders blast up and then get faster down the other side so you don’t have a chance to catch up.

A key success is the way that people clumped around DD and this made for a great blob and the opportunity to get a respite in the middle of the blob.

Now all I need is DD2 @ 1.8 w/kg and I’ll be set for a much better Zwift experience.

I’d add at the lower end – 1.0 w/kg.

Even 1.5 w/kg is a hard effort, if possible at all, for more than a few. That’s especially true for persons not conditioned to cycling.


I just attempted to request adjusting to every 0.5w/kg from 1.0w/kg to 4.5w/kg but it must have been a duplicated title from this request. How about a combination of both.

I don’t know the appropriate way to label/name them but something like this:

AA 4.5
AB 4.0
BB 3.5
BC 3.0
CC 2.5
CD 2.0
DD 1.7
DE 1.5
DF 1.3
DG 1.0