Active course notification

(Rohan Symons) #1

Want to be sent a push notification when a course becomes active. Being in a different time zone and the other side of the world it takes ages to figure out when a course is scheduled and in the end its wrong anyway. Want to ride Watopia not that !@#$ Richmond course to get vertical metres and do repeats by turning around. Alternatively make both courses so I have a choice when I have a window of opportunity to ride safely indoors rather than risk it with crazy Melbourne drivers. 

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Rohan, 

Zwift is always active, you can find 400 - 1500 rides online at any time, no matter where you’re from. The course calendar for April is available HERE based on your time zone (make sure the time and date is set correctly on your Zwift PC). At the moment it’s either Zwift island or Richmond course you can ride, however I will add your vote to already existing suggestion to be able to choose what course you want to ride. 

Thank you very much and Ride On!