Action bar and other keyboard shortcuts taking priority in pens (PC)

Specifically an issue I’m experiencing on PC.
Making a thread for this so it can be tracked; as I haven’t seen a response from ZHQ on this issue as of yet.

But it seems as though chatting while in the pens, some keyboard shortcuts may take priority away from chatting, making it basically impossible to chat.

ie: trying to type out a message, and garage may open up, or action bar may pop up, or sensor select may open up, all while just trying to type out a message.

This issue seems to be confined to the pens only, I haven’t experienced it mid-ride however.

On a side bar, the “drone camera” arrow keys overlap other functions, like opening the action bar and u-turning. Which is also a problem.

I do this every day whilst in the pens prior to my event and don’t experience this behaviour.
Are you pressing M prior to typing your message?

Correct; and the typing bar does highlight in orange; and even stays orange the entire time (despite the other things popping up).

It’s certainly a new bug as of 1.43, I wasn’t having this issue before.

I think I recall you in the patch thread replying you weren’t having this issue, so I find it weird that it isn’t a universal issue.

I’ve not commented on this before that I’m aware of.

I’ll do some extensive testing tomorrow to see if i can recreate it.

Ah okay, maybe it was someone else then.
But yes, since the 1.43 update this has been happening to me every ride in the pens; and only in the pens.

This is of course typing on a keyboard.

Quick follow up; I know what is causing it.

The Menu button keeps taking priority for some reason; if I pause to type for example.
That said; the action bar shouldn’t be popping up anyway.

I tested this again this morning. On my setup provided the menu bar is orange then typing is normal and pressing any of the quick access keys has no effect.

I’m not sure why your menu bar is popping up other than potentially the mouse cursor is hovering near it?

That said moving my mouse doesn’t change focus from the text box. Clicking it does so maybe that’s your issue?

I only actually press ‘M’ to begin typing, I don’t think I normally click on it.

But yeah, as of 1.43 the action bar and if I pause typing for half a second, the menu button will pop up.

Something in this 1.43 update seems to be forcing the menu button to want to take focus; I just noticed it last night that it was flickering and bouncing around; but the message box is still highlighted orange.

I’d hope I’m not the only person with this issue! It’s a weird one for sure though.

But after being on Zwift for 2 years now, it’s not something I’ve had an issue with until the past week… so it is new.

I’ve a feeling you’ve a gremlin somewhere that’s taking focus from the text box. Not sure if mines reacting differently as I’m the leader. Further tests in the morning to see if i can replicate your issue.

I do know that there’s a change in behaviour in the pens as it’s auto scrolling views which has been reported.

Ah okay I’m unfamiliar with thiat; I wonder if that’s what the issue is, I wonder if it’s popping the menu button up when the view is changing…?

Unsure but I’ll try to remember that for tonight and see if I notice anything new. Timing wise though that… could certainly be a possibility.

I had this when I was in a pen for a club event this afternoon, was in a bit of a rush so didn’t do much typing to test it, but it did seem a bit random whether it would accept my typing as text or instead use it as a keyboard shortcut.

Turns out you called it; I was indeed clicking on it!

So if you press ‘M’, everything works correctly.

If you click the text box with the mouse, you’ll get the action bar to pop up, and once the action bar slides back down, the type menu loses focus, and menu takes over the focus.

Definitely a bug, but that’s it!


Tested today and yes, mouse clicking drags away priority from the text box. I suspect this happened when they tweaked it and put the orange box around it etc… that was a few updates ago.

I tend to press m to get to text box and then don’t use the mouse after that so that’s why I’ve never noticed.

It’s not related to the latest update. Been like it for a while.

If you avoid mouse activity the box stays within the messaging section.

Press M for the first time and it stays there.