Achieving power output during workout

Hi all, I hope you can help. I’m a Zwift newbee and have tried to read/listen to as much as possible about Zwift to help me understand the platform

I am following a FTP plan and up until today was doing just fine.

The problem I had today was trying to keep my Power Output to 90 watts for the 1 minute period in the grey zone.

I have previously managed this but today I could only go down to about 125 watts and no matter how much I slowed my cadence the power would not drop.

I am using ERG mode. Should I also be using the gears to drop power as well. During the ‘work’ period of the workout the ERG mode kept my power fairly constant even if I increase/decreased my cadence and well within the zone for that particular part of the workout

Any help would be much appreciated


Sure dropping a gear or two may help.

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