Accessing the data from downloaded rides file from zwift

Excuse my lack of basic computer knowledge:- I download the ride from zwift, for example I just did the TDZ stage 2. It downlaods fine and I get a file on my PC but what program do most people use to open and view the file and the data therein, you know so you can see all the stuff you’d like to. I tried the stravalyzer thing but when I try and open the file and ask to use it it just stay stuck on a big orange screen so its a bit useless…Help someone who’s clearly lost…thanks

It depends on what you mean by “see all the stuff you’d like to.”

What you downloaded is a .fit file. You will need some special tools (e.g., FIT SDK) if you want to open the file and view the contents. If you’re looking to fix something, you might try the FIT File Tools.

If all you want to do is see graphs of your HR, power, and cadence then Golden Cheetah, Strava, Garmin Connect, etc., are all options. Feed the .fit file to them and you will get the graphs you are looking for. The latest version of the Zwift Companion app now shows you graphs as well.

Golden Cheetah also allows you to view and edit the contents (raw data) of the .fit file after import.

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Thanks Lin, Yes just checking out the graphs etc to see how consistent I’m being. Just for fun not to serious. I’ll check then out.