AC Sweet Spot

Hi Guys,

I’m doing the advanced training plan. I’m able to do the training and I’m felling well.

However when I got the ac + sweet spot I was not enable to complete all the stars, in the 2min of 345, 330 and 310 watts I just hold the watts for 30 seconds.

My question is, should I be ready to these efforts? I’m following the training regularly.


Similar to you I struggled to hold those watts but did what I could for the 2 min intervals. Ended up roughly 12% below target power in each of the 5. I also disabled ERG for fear of complete failure to turn the cranks! Am pleased I was able to get the ‘star’ for the 10 min Sweet Spot to finish.

I would be interested to hear what others think about this. Similar to OP I have to some effort got to week 6 of TT Tune Up, generally feel I’m making good gains (got most of the stars) but feel like I failed here on AC + Sweet Spot. Will of course push on, but does this highlight an area of relative weakness - if so, what is it in the right terminology and how to address it?

Appreciate those in the know to provide some advice here, thanks!


Now I can share with you some ideas. I did the TT Tune Up 8 weeks format four times in a row. Well, just as informative I was two years without any sport activity however, I trained about ten years mostly cycling and swim sports (I did other but only one-two years). Then my context was to return to the cycling after two years withou any actitivy.

These were my results:

Date ---- FTP - Trainings (completed)
28/12 — 220
25/02 — 241 — 24
29/04 — 269 — 34
02/07 — 298 — 38
04/09 — 303 — 47

Briefly, these are my thoughts (based on my experience with the executions) - it’s not a “guide”, it’s just a sharing idea.

  • The AC Sweet Spots are hard (some of them have 150% of FTP exercises), then focus on control your breathing. It demands concentration to not lose the momentum (google will help you to understand the momentum idea) so be prepared to be really concentrated.

  • Respect the first weeks, it may be appeared easy and you can be tempted to increase the bias. Do not do it and try to keep the schedule.

  • If you are able, go to a sports nutritionist. I felt my glycogen and nutrients being depleted in the first TT Tune Up (mainly in the last three weeks). You can do it by yourself however it’s important pay attention to it.

  • Try to get some mobility exercises 2/3 times a week (it will help you to keep the strength). Every day you put stress in your body and the muscles can shortening (i don’t know if this is the exactly English term) and this may take you off some extra power (and in the last weeks to sustain 2/3 minutes of 150% of FTP, you will need everything).

  • Respect the rest days and relax.

  • If you have a not good day, respect. Just let go and reduce the bias or just skip the exercise. Only you will know if skipping is necessary.

  • If you miss a training day, do not try to recovery that day. Just keep following the plan. You always have the chance to repeat the plan.

  • Keep your chain in good conditions with lube, in the indoor training is easy to forget it.

  • In the last weeks you may want to quit. Try to be patient with your body, you will get the results for sure.

  • Try to follow the same week preparation before FTP test (for example, after the last training plan week I respect the day off and I use to do three training between 70-80% of FTP to prepare the legs to the FTP test day). Having a method help you to compare what works better.

I know that for PRO cycling my watts/weight is not excellent however I am being able the get consistent results and I’m happy with it. I hope that some ideas help you.