Ability to use Garmin course files

(JD Griffis) #1

Would be great to have the ability to use Garmin course files to change the elevation. Maybe a fairly generic course, but the Garmin course file could manage the elevation adjustments. Perhaps a pipe dream, but I’d love to be loading up the race course files corresponding to upcoming races and be able to Zwift-simulate my way through the race.

(Brett Martin) #2

Its called FE-C protocol and you need a smart trainer compliant with the new ANT + protocol. Will be coming to Kickr soon. Where the garmin controls it, kind of like a signal that will go both ways as apposed to the current 1 way signal.

I doubt if it will control the visuals you see on Zwift though, as that terrain is fixed to the course.

(K I.C.K.R_Kevin) #3

Many apps do this already, not with the animated visuals of Zwift with the exception on BKOOL.

Check out CycleOps Virtual Training where you are able to ride a .gpx file with a smart trainer for elevation/resistance control and even add you own video too. It isn’t as social although there is an element of this.

(JD Griffis) #4

Brett, I’m using a Computrainer; so I’m basically looking for Zwift to be able to control it in the same way the Racermate SW does. I realize the UI would not be able to change; although hopefully at least the elevation graph could reflect the course file.

Kevin - I will definitely check out the CycleOps Virtual Training…