Ability to share upcoming events (Or invite ppl) via android companion app

It would be great to have the ability to share an event from the events page of the android companion app. Sharing external would be ideal e.g. WhatsApp, messenger…but would be happy with ability to share to following/followers.

Secondary related feature would be ‘Invite’ functionality but there would need to be a way to stop spam (e.g. only can invite connections?)

I am aware you can share (copy/paste) from the web events page.

You can already do exactly this from the Companion app.

Select an event. Look at the top right corner. Select/touch that button:

Thanks Lin although it looks like you are all good on iOS…that button is not available on android… I’ll update above to ref android.

:hushed: I’ve never seen the Android version. I am guessing since it is beta ( or is that the Zwift app itself?), the feature set lags a bit behind.

Yep that’s the game its self :slight_smile:

Now I’m curious. I’ll have to find a friend on Android and check out the Companion app on their phone. Perhaps, the functionality is there but tucked away somewhere else :man_shrugging: ? But I would not be surprised if it is not there at all.

I checked on Android and it is not there.