Ability to save workouts later

There are group rides that I’m not able to participate in given the date/time they are offered. Is there any ability to save these workouts and do these as an ERG workout at a later date? For example, I like participating in Frodissimo Friday but the time offered is extremely inconvenient for me. It would be great to save that workout and have the ability to ride it at a later date/time.

Have you checked that it isn’t already in the workouts provided on zwift? I’m not familiar with all the workouts. But at the start screen you can clicking training and you have a bunch of options.

If it isn’t in there you could replicate the workout by building a custom workout or finding it online in a ZWO repository.

Hey Ben, thanks for the message. Yes, its not currently offered in the current workouts or training plans. It is a weekly ride that is designed by Jan Frodeno on Fridays at 9:00 AM PST.

Yes, it is a bit difficult to replicate because the intervals are based on your FTP (usually a percentage) and sometimes include drills or RPMs that you aren’t able to see on Zwift companion. Also, sometimes it is difficult to determine how long each interval is making it difficult to redesign it without a detailed outline of the workout

Not sure if others have the same sentiment, but it would be great to have an icon to save to my profile to ride at a later date or time.