Ability to purchase Jerseys/Outfits in the Drop Shop

As the title suggests, would love a wide range of jerseys/outfits that could be purchased in the Drop Shop.

Such as? I already have a ‘wide range’ (too wide, some might even say) of kit in my garage just from participating in group rides and events.

Such as your favourite classic (or current) pro team kit, well-known traditional manufacturer designs, a wider range of club designs etc…

Most of us have collected most of the standard jerseys, plus the ride/event-related ones, however many have also amassed a tonne of Drops, and it seems like a simple thing to introduce that would add some more interest/variety to the platform, and allow us to use our Drops on something useful.

It would be great if Zwift allowed third-parties to create & submit clothing for availability in the Drop Shop.

Anyway, some examples of classic designs/team kit. Bianchi Campag:


Peugot Michelin:

Volvo Cannondale:



Giant Shimano:

EF x Palace:

EF x Palace

Any of your favourite current team kits, i.e. Jumbo Visma:


Any of your favourite cycling apparel kits, i.e. Rapha:

You get the idea…

I like the idea in general, but I’d pay an extra fee to not see USPS kit on my screen :slight_smile:

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The USPS jersey would be for all the sandbaggers :rofl:


I really like this idea. There’s a pink and yellow 2XU kit that was unlocked by completing some group workouts a couple of years ago that I missed and would like the kit.

I would absolutely kit out my avatar in vintage kit if someone let me.

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One of the “issues” around adding more kit is the amount of resources used to display them all, which raises a question; would you happy to see your own avatar in your chosen kit even if nobody else could? Zwift could implement a method of riders choosing whatever they wanted but other riders would just see some generic kit. There could even be a mid-ground of being able to recognise fellow team members. The only downside I can see is that this might make recognising other racing teams in a peloton more difficult.

The same approach could be used for bikes.

You missed the most important one


The most-loved jersey design of all time! Closely followed by this classic:

Some have not been instant classics for the right reasons…

That jersey is called “Zwift Streamer”. YouTubers seem to love it.