A used Tacx neo 2018 or a New Zwift hub?

What do u guys think? Ill get the Neo for 400 euro…and Zwift hub is 499…

Help please :slight_smile:

I personally would go for Neo.
I have one, 1st gen, bought used. Compared with P2M NGeco powermeter, ±1%.
Absolutely no issues (using Zwift on a PC).


I was just thinking if the Neo will get “old” and not compatible in 2-3years?1?! Or if there is something that can be broke and not able to repair…but the Zwift hub is what I know also an “old” modell…

Search the forum, there are some issues with (new) Zwift hubs.
Tacx is now Garmin, no idea what’s going to be in 2-3 years.
Is it a Neo or Neo 2 (2018)?

It’s your decision.

NEO, without question. That’s a screaming good deal at 400€.

There is ZERO to go wrong with it - no belts, just a massive ring of electromagnets surrounding a metal disc with neodymium magnets inside the perimeter of it. (edit - OK, electronics could go wrong but if they haven’t by now they’re probably fine, and a bearing might need replacing after tens/hundreds-of-thousands of kilometers, for which Tacx offers a kit)

It self-calibrates, and does so more effectively than any other trainer.

The only downside of that generation of NEO is it requires an adaptor to mount a bike with thru-axles – NEO2SE and 2T have native thru-axle support, like the Zwift Hub.

The NEO has aged well and should continue to do so.


There is not zero to go wrong with a neo since I had one and it went wrong, garmin replaced it with a refurb unit for free (I was 1 week out of warranty).

I would still go for the neo, if it hasn’t gone wrong by now it probably won’t. I would make sure you can try it first though, make sure when cycling it’s smooth, quiet and there are no nasty metallic sounds when it’s spinning.


I would agree Tacx Neo and with David about checking it out as fully working. I don’t know Zwift Hub but I know there are loads and loads of non/hardly used Direct Drive trainers due to COVID purchases and then little or no use. Pick up a bargain.

I went for 2nd hand Tacx Neo 2 and no complaints.

Except cooling fans did go after 3/4 months but probably my fault for leaving in very cold and very humid outdoor cabin.

Edit: if this is a 2018 model was it purchased by a regular cyclist and has been well used? No problem if it is still working. But if you look for newer second hand models possibly they will have been bought during COVID and not used to anywhere near the same extent. ( mine looked like it had not been taken out of the box).

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Neo. If something was going to go wrong with it, it probably would have by now assuming it’s been used all these years. Put a bike on it, give it a test drive if you can.

My OG Neo is still awesome after ~7yrs.


My Neo has around 20,000 miles on it. Works as new. I would recommend the Neo over the Zwift Hub. Though definitely take a look at the Neo to make sure the previous owner didn’t completely destroy it…


All of the trainers use the same connectivity technology, so compatibility should not be an issue.


Another thing to consider is your bike. If you want to run a SRAM XD/XDR or Campagnolo cassette, you’re out of luck with the Zwift Hub.

i bought a used Tacx Neo (bike store floor model) and it has gone nearly 19,000 km without a problem so I would go with the Neo. There are other benefits with the Neo - more accurate, can do steeper hills, responds faster to inputs, surface texture if desired etc. - might be of some interest.


Neo are excellent. Recommend them.

Sorry Zwift.

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Its a first edition Neo bought as new 2018. Ill get it for 380€ but don’t have the chance to try it since the seller will send it to me…but I hope it will works fine…

My first smart trainer was a neo after seeing one that a Zwift Academy finalist got many years ago, it looked tough and in my experience it was.

I used it a lot for interval training on PerfPRO Studio then later Zwift.

The Neo’s are just amazing.

I had a gen 1 and managed wear out the main bearing but takes a lot of riding. And if you’re just a litlle DIY it isn’t the worst job to replace the bearing.
Putting in some new SKF’s makes it even better than i remember it was new.

Be aware that the freehub needs replacement from time to time, if you do some serious miles :wink::blush:


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I bought a used Neo 1/OG as we all knew back in 2019 and did 50,000km+ till this year when the bearings started to whump but still spun pretty much there. I decided to jump to the 2T than wait for the bearings to be fixed.

Before this I was using a Magene Gravat 2 which is quite similar to the Zwift Hub and boy it was a whole of upgraded different. One time pain paying for it gave me the most immersive, realistic feel on any trainer could have given.

One word of caution, you may find the NEO tougher than most trainers because its true. It trains you to be a better cyclist that way. :wink:


Well, hope it docent show lower wattage than my Favero haha…that would be depressing when racing on Zwift…

Embrace it as a badge of honour! Win with a neo versus the folk with the more favourable trainers. :wink:

I remember on PerfPRO my intervals with the neo were very tough at low cadence. But you get strong!

Didn’t realise you could replace the bearings. I could try it with my old neo1.


Now they offer the entire Bearing Kit than having to replace them individually after much dismantling. How times have changed to make life more bearable :wink: