A used Tacx neo 2018 or a New Zwift hub?

I forgot about that. The one problem I had was the free hub had to be replaced. It was couple of email exchanges with Tacx, then they sent it 2nd day delivery from the Netherlands to Taiwan for the low low cost of FREE!!!


My used Tacx Neo 2018 which I bought it new in October 2018 is still working perfectly and just started its fifth winter session. Smooth and quiet.


Neo all the way.

My Neo is rock solid after 4 years which can’t be said about the new zwift hub.

Buy cheap buy twice.


Now i regret my purcase…neo is showing like 15-20watt lower than my favero assioma and absolutely need all watts I can get in my races…I just put it out for sale. Looking for a kickr core or direto xr instead…

Mmm… well… the NEO is measuring wattage after drivetrain losses where the pedals are at the point of power input, before the drivetrain.

Drivetrain could easily account for 5 Watts of loss. 15-20Watts? I suspect your pedals are mis-calibrated, weren’t torqued to the correct spec when installed, didn’t have zero angles measured, whatever. It’s not “free Watts” if your pedals are over-reporting.

The NEO self-calibrates and has no strain gauge to go out of calibration - I would be more inclined to believe the NEO numbers.

If we lived in the same country and you were insistent on selling the NEO, I’d likely take it off your hands for a friend, they’re just that good.

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you know you can pair the pedals as power and the trainer as controllable right?


Are you sure your assioma are ok? I have a Neo and a P2M NGeco power meter, the difference was never more than -2,5%.
Tested for some months back in 2020.
As Mike wrote - pair your Neo as controllable and Assiomas for power.
I personally would believe Neo more than Assiomas.

Edit … -2,5% means approx. 5-7 Watt in my case.

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I’m completely new to this forum and was about to purchase the Zwift hub. Have been checking Zwift forums to ensure my equipment is compatible and am not sure now. Perhaps someone in this topic thread can help. My bike uses a 9-speed Campagnolo cassette. Will the Zwift hub
work with my bike?

The 9 speed cassette that comes from Zwift will not work very well with your drivetrain. With fussy adjustment and a narrower chain, it might be sort of OK. Personally I wouldn’t do it. Other trainer manufacturers offer a Campagnolo freehub body, which would give you much better results.

Miche manufactures a Campagnolo-spaced cassette that fits the Shimano freehub, but I tried them some years ago and found they were very low quality. I broke a lot of teeth off several cogs, and I am not a particularly powerful rider. This looks like the one:

Hi Paul,

This is awesome! Thank you for the information and for getting back to me so quickly! This is very helpful.

One of Zwift’s videos mentioned I will also need to change the freehub body. Would this be a compatible freehub (Miche SWR full carbon freehub 17 mm for Campagnolo 9-112s @ $50)?

You need a freehub body that is specific to your trainer. I’m not aware of any source for a Campagnolo freehub body that fits the Zwift Hub.

Ok, thank you for clarifying. That makes sense. Sounds like this could really be an issue. I appreciate your help.


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I have a Gen 1 Tacx Neo, which I bought new around 2017/2018, I mostly use it through the winter months, and have put 8078 miles on it over 488 hours. Zero maintenance, and runs as new. I keep thinking about replacing it with a newer model or a new model kicker, but am aware there have been suggestions the newer Neos have the odd issue, and think if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I thought it expensive when I bought it, but with the use I’ve had from it would recommend a gen 1 Neo to anyone. Of course perhaps I got lucky and just got a good one.