A Specialized Tarmac has appeared in my garage

Title says it really. It’s appeared there and I have no idea why. I’m not complaining - who would - but it’s quite confusing. And if it appeared unexpectedly, and I use it, could it disappear again mid-ride :grin:

Is it the Tarmac Pro? If so, it likely means that you completed the Tour California Challenge. Now that this is complete, be sure you change to the Everest Challenge, if you haven’t already completed that, so that you can start to climb your way to the Tron bike.

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Thanks. That must be it, and I did know that the Tarmac was associated with that challenge. But I assumed that I had to do something specific to complete it, as opposed to just doing normal rides, so I rather ignored it after signing up.

By the way, what is the significance of the California challenge anyway? I’m curious. Most/many cyclists understand Everesting for the other challenge, but why 797 miles and why California? Is it the route of some known ride, or something historical, or just a random choice? It’s always interesting to know the background, and I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere.

It is related to the cycling race held there yearly:

Thanks. I have heard of that Tour. But the connection was not obvious without the local knowledge.

Also Specialized HQ is in California.

It’s all becoming clearer :slight_smile: