S-Works Tarmac Award Glitch

My wife and I have both mysteriously received the S-Works Tarmac bike and the Tour of California route bonus while not riding the Tour if California. I was just riding in Richmond today and both the bike and route achievement dropped. Has anyone else experienced this?

The Tour of California is a Zwift Challenge, not a route or world and since you have completed it I would strongly suggest switching to the Everest Challenge.

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You were probably signed up for the Tour of California without knowing it.
A marker just moves along the course and after you ride 797 miles, you get the prize.
Same thing for the tour of Italy except it is 1242 miles.

The Mount Everest Challenge counts your vertical feet.
Climb 29029 feet and you get the Trek Emonda.
Keep going to 164042 feet and you get the Tron bike which is basically like a draftable TT bike, fast on flats with the benefit of drafting but a dog on the hills.

Paul’s right, switch to another challenge from the menu screen.
You can switch back and forth as much as you like, even in game.
Do the Everest challenge on the way up the mountains, switch to the Tour of Italy for the trip down.

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Ita the default challenge which I’m sure your now aware of. Hope your Everest challenge is going well a year on. Ride on