Reward question

During my tdz ride today, something popped up about a tarmac bike, and about a mile later something about California. Any idea what that is? Thanks.

Tour of California (riding the virtual length of California) is one of the Challenges you can select when you start Zwift (or select at any time, really). You’ve completed that challenge, and a Tarmac (bike) should now be available in your Garage. Nice job :slight_smile:

(During a ride, hit the Menu button, and you should see a clickable box for Challenges. One of the popular ones is Everest–accumulate enough climbing meters equal to Mt. Everest. If you do that, you get a different bike (Trek Emonda). If you keep it on that challenge and keep going to 50,000m, that’s how you get that glowing tron bike thing that everyone loves so much.)

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Tron bike here I come!