A new and better way of leveling up (RPG style)

Complaints about the current levelling up system and the lack of new levels are numerous. I propose a new way, which also gamifies Zwift a little more, and may make Zwift even better.

In Zwift, as in real life, cyclists (and runners) often have a specialty: there are sprinters, climbers, long riders, puncheurs or time triallers. Or allrounders, if you’re not able to choose😉

I propose a levelling up system that let’s you choose one of the ‘archetypes’ (like in role playing games) and let’s you improve yourself in that particular area

Sprinters: xp are given when you set a new PR on the 5 second critical power, a PR on one of the sprint segments/KOMs. And even rewards you bonus points for sprint KOM jerseys and the 500-600-700-etc Watts badges in Zwift. Workouts with sprint intervals also count as sprint xp’s.

Puncheurs will get xp’s for 1 and 5 minutes Critical Power PR’s, PR’s and jerseys on one of the 1-10 minutes KOM’s on Zwift. Bonus points for breakaways in races and solo wins.

Time triallists gain xp for 20 minutes CP bests and FTP increases and for the longer KOM’s. Might even be an option to put in a one hour record badge, and a fatigue rate (FR) stat, such as used in Zwiftpower, where a person who can hold constant power is rewarded extra xp.

Climbers: same principle, PR’s on the longer climb KOM’s and bonus points for KOM jerseys. Would also be great if a W/kg PR  was stored, or as alternative a “vertical ascent per 15 minutes’ PR.

Long riders are awarded xp for 100km/100 mile efforts, ½ and Everesting etc.

For every ride you can (re)choose which archetype you want to be and what improvements you’re aiming for. Levelling up really means that you’ve become a better specialist! And by choosing different archetypes you can become a better allround cyclist/runner!

Nice idea. Zwift needs to level up its gamification and its levels. Your idea, Michiel, is worth building on.

For me, the social aspect of Zwift is most important, but the gamification aspect is also critical. We need new missions to conquer. 

I think absolutely not. This will harm what people train for. Just add metres giving xp

In a similar vein, XP could be spent on skills e.g. descending, sprinting, moving through the pack, aero, braking, handling in the wet etc. you know, actually gamify the game,

I disagree with that as well. Leveling up should not take gamer skill and this is also for exercise. It’s like buying a stronger kick in football

I like the added “gamification” of your idea.  I would proposed adding points for climbing.  If I climb 500 meters and ride 30 km, shouldn’t those km be worth more than if I did it all flat?

Good point! Currently only the Tron bike is rewarded for climbing, but 50000 hm takes a LOT of time. Would be nice if there was some instant gratification.