A free outfit with the purchase of a home trainer on Zwift shop?

Hello everyone, I bought an Elite brand HT on the Zwift e-shop.
In the product description we can read:
« UNLOCK A CUSTOM VIRTUAL KIT - Buying this trainer means you score an exclusive branded kit. You’re already winning. »
But after receiving the HT and having done my first kilometers on Zwift, I cannot find any unlocked outfit (elite) in my zwift garage …

How can I unlock my reward?

Thanks in advance

There’s normally a code to unlock kits, you should find it in the trainer box somewhere or maybe they emailed it to you. You input it during a ride, by pressing P on the keyboard.

Note that this can only be done on PC and Mac, no other platforms. However if you log in on one of those and enter the code, it’ll be added to your collection and present everywhere afterwards.

Hi Tim Welcome to the forum.

Usually when you connect the trainer Zwift will know the brand of trainer and unlock the kit.

Make sure to pair it as power source and controllable. Also ride at least 5km. It may be in your garage on the next ride.