8min FTP

In the first ZA the 8 min test. The avg value over 8 min is that your FTP or do you multiply by a value less than one. The lead up to the 8 min suggests it is 100% FTP
Thanks Mike

From the workout description…

“Anyone with a solid aerobic engine will be aiming for 100% FTP. Those with excelllent lactate clearence capabilities will be closer to 105% of FTP, and elite riders are expected to be riding between 105-110%.”

It’s all out for 8 minutes (notwithstanding the prior shorter efforts already slightly above FTP?) - but if your FTP is what you can theoretically sustain for 60 mins, then an 8 minute all out effort should be greater than 100% FTP. That said, I’m doing the workout tonight… :flushed:

I hope it shows you what your 8min avg was after the event, but if previous ZA are to go by, this is shown during the effort but not after?

Eyes up at the end of 8 mins it does not tell you at the end of the event. You can use Strava and zoom in on that time period.

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I just finished this workout and I was wondering the same thing. Just for the fun of it I wanted to calculate my FTP based on this 8min all out effort and compare it to the FTP from other methods. If you google “FTP calculation from 8min test” you get a reply related to an 8min FTP test in trainer road but I think the workout there is somewhat different (2 x 8min and at the end FTP = 0.9 of the average of the two sessions). the ZA workout is structures in different way. You basically ride at ~ 18min at above FTP if you include the 2x5min which precede the 8min all out effort. I wonder, using this workout should we assume FTP is the 8min average? or a percentage of that?

If you use Garmin Connect then you can see each interval listed within the ‘laps’ section of your ride analysis. This gives lots of data including average power for that interval.
There is a similar breakdown within Strava but i’m not sure if this is a premium only feature.


That’s really useful, thanks!

My FTP is 88.3% of what I avg’d during the 8 minutes.

My FTP is 92.0% of the 8 minute effort today …

I agree with the comments, in that we haven’t resolved what the average wattage at the end of 8 minutes actually means? neither does it telly ou during the workout. I am curious as to how this average figure relates to your estimated FTP?

I don’t think you look at your 8min in isolation. The later workouts test your 10sec, 20sec, 30sec, 1min, 4min… you already have your 20min from an FTP test. You look at everything together to build a profile of your power outputs.

It means you have tested your 8 min max power.

The true 8min FTP test has 2x 8min blocks.

I was also wondering about this as I feel that the FTP tests on Zwift cause me to grossly overestimate my true FTP (especially the ramp test).

Is there a way to use this 8 mins to calibrate/refine your current FTP? My data for an example:

My FTP: 280W
8 min effort at the end of ZA #1: 311W

Is there any way of working out whether I need to increase or decrease my FTP based on this effort?

May be wishful thinking!


The true 8min FTP test take 90% of the 8min effort to calculate FTP.

So 311*0.9=279.9w Thus your FTP is ball park correct.


Thanks Gerrie - seems like some pretty accurate guesswork from me beforehand!

Does anything need to be factored in given that this 8min effort was fatigued or doesn’t matter?

Try some workouts and see if it feel appropriate. you can always do the 20 min FTP test when you feel fresh.

I was almost exactly the same! - 88.1% here, or 113% of FTP for the 8min.

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