720p v 1080p - TV Upgrade?

(Ian Brewer) #1

Currently running Zwift on a 4th Gen ATV but on an old TV that only supports 720p which works absolutely fine but was wondering if I should get a new one that supports 1080p or am I better keeping money in my pocket?

Will I notice a big difference?

(Barb. Bird) #2

Was running on a 720p hand-me-down 40" tv. Worked fine but sides of screen were cut off (eg, rider’s flags) and no option to zoom/shrink to fit. I also found using the Apple remote somewhat fussy with the Zwift app. I bought a 43" budget 4K TV on sale and now can see the full screen. It may not make a difference to you but for me, it was worth it. Maybe it’s my imagination but the remote seems to work better as well. YMMV.